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The activator for washing Feya

The activator for washing Feya

Price: 1 400 грн.

Ultracompact activator for  washing FEYA

No  electric power supply required! 

Ultracompact activator for washing FEYA   is a unique device that has no analogues.  The plastic body has  holes to provide the circulation of the washing solution and contact of the washing substance with the catalytic agent enclosed in the body. No electric power is required for functioning of the device.

The operating principle of  FEYA  is  surface-chemical catalysis.  The catalytic agents are substances which don’t take part in the process but can increase or  slow down chemical (including thermodynamical, such as washing) processes. The catalytic agent facilitates and quickens the process of separation of the contaminating substances from the  textile fibers.

After two or three washings the user overcomes the psychological barrier and identifies the best washing mode.

The advantages and qualities of the washing activator FEYA:

1. You don’t need power supply – you can use the activator at a summer cottage, during a trip or a business trip, during trekking, at a sports event, etc.

2. FEYA saves washing agents of any kind:  it allows using up to 75% less of the washing agents, varying from shampoo to soda ash; the light “refreshing” washing can be done using no washing agents at all.

3. There’s no need in hot water when washing with FEYA: the washing results are as good at +40C as they are at +700C.

4. The clothes do not get distorted as there’s no mechanical impact on them, which is important in the process of washing fine linen, knitted, lace and woolen items.

 5. FEYA  saves your time because your presence is not required during the washing process.

6. The washing of the children’s clothes, underwear,  lace, knitted and woolen items shows particularly good results.


FEYA Specification


Size:      50x50x25

Washing agent type to be used with:    any

Washing agent per 1 liter of water (when using FEYA): 25%-30% of the recommended volume, indicated at the washing agent package

Temperature of the washing solution:  from +40C to +700C.


Washing time: minimum- 30 minutes (refreshing washing), maximum- 24 hours (fat, oil stains, blood, brilliant green, etc.)

Volume of the washing container:  max – 20 liters.

Volume of items to be washed: no limitations 

Performance period:     5 or more years; 1000 or more washings


Operation instructions


1. Prepare a container of 20 liter volume or smaller. The container can be made of any material.

2. Put the washing activator FEYA on the bottom and then fill the container with the water of the necessary temperature: from +40C to +700C.

3. Add the washing agent (25% of the volume recommended on the packaging of the washing agent), let it be dissolved and then put the goods to be washed in the container. When you wash heavily soiled linen or if you want to bleach the goods, add some bleacher to the water (25-30% of the volume recommended on the bleacher packaging). If there are stains on the items, add a stain-remover. If there are very soiled spots on the items you wash, soap should be applied to the spots before washing the items.  

4. After finishing the washing,  remove the activator from the washing solution and rinse it with  running water. Washed items should also be rinsed with water too. The items should not smell of the washing agent after they are rinsed. If you can still smell it, decrease the volume of the washing agent used during the next washing.

5. If the items are kept in the washing  solution with the activator for 8-10 hours (overnight) the bleaching takes place without adding any bleaching agents.

6. FEYA can be used in automatic washing machines. In this case the required volume of the detergent is also reduced 3-4 times. Also, there’s no need to use anti-scale substances, such as Calgon because the activator softens the water.

7. To soften the water for bathing, put FEYA in the bath tub and fill it with water. The activator should remain in the water while a person is taking a bath.

Safety measures: do not disassemble; keep away from children.

The activator for washing Feya

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